14.01.1972: Assembled in Long Beach

30.03.1972: To American Airlines, N112AA

????: Emergency landing on Dyess AFB in Abilene, TX after fire warning. Passengers were evacuated from the left side of the aircraft. One person got minor unjured when slide L4 deflated. Fire warning was caused by seperated bleed air duct due to fatigue which melted fire warning circuit.

01.08.1993: WFU and stored in Tulsa, OK

Hours / cycles accumulated by 01/08/1993: 60395 / 25073

04.08.1993: Ferried to Amarillo, Texas

14.05.1997: To FedEx

????: Ferried to Goodyear to be converted to MD-10

1999: Re-registred N541FE

16.05.2002: To Aviation Management Systems for scrapping

2002: Broken up at Goodyear after being assigned to MD-10 program




3 CF6-6K

Photo by Mark Abbott

#24 at Goodyear Municipal on November 25th 2000. Like some of its ex American Airlines fleetmates, it is awaiting its conversion to MD-10

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