30.10.1973: Assembled in Long Beach

06.12.1973: To Swissair (Bern), HB-IHD

03.1983: Renamed (Thurgau)

02.05.1988: To Electra Aviation Ltd and leased to JAT

06.1992: Repossessed by Electra Aviation

06.1992: WFU and stored in Mojave, California

01.1993: Re-registred VR-BMP

????: Planned to be registred ZS-NPZ for Lionair but not taken up

07.07.1995: To Northwest Airlines, N228NW

03.12.2002: WFU and ferried to Maxton, NC

07.01.2003: To Charlotte Aircraft for scrapping

09.01.2003: Re-registred N228PR (paper reg only)




3 CF6-50C

Photo by Miguel Snoep

#131 being pushed back in Amsterdam

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Photo by Chaz Hinkle

Like sistership #114, which flew together with #131 for Swissair and Northwest Airlines, this aircraft is going to be scrapped in Maxton, NC. Here is the aircraft on its last landing on December 3rd 2002.

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