28.11.1979: Assembled in Long Beach

14.03.1980: To United Airlines (3143), N1843U

01.1999: WFU and stored in Las Vegas

21.08.2001: Ferried to Palmdale

30.08.2001: To FedEx

24.01.2002: Ferried to Venice for freighter conversion

2002: Converted to DC-10-10F(AF)

01.10.2002: Ferried to Bangor, ME after freighter conversion

2002: Re-registred N360FE

2002: Converted to MD-10


later MD-10



3 CF6-6D

Photo by Rob

#309 stored in Las Vegas

Photo by Michael Carter

After being converted to MD-10 for FedEx, the aircraft is seen turning onto Rwy 25L LAX for departure on July 18th 2004

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