02.07.1979: Assembled in Long Beach

28.07.1979: To Western Airlines (911), N913WA

01.04.1987: Merged into Delta Air Lines (787)

06.1988: To United Aviation Services

24.06.1988: Leased to Scanair

12.12.1988: Re-registred SE-DHS

01.01.1994: Merged into Premiair

????: Named (Baloo)

19.12.1996: Re-registred OY-CNS

????: To Europeisk Luftcharter and leased back to Premiair

29.08.2000: To Airtours

12.09.2000: Re-registred G-DPSP (repainted on 28.09.2000)

01.05.2002: New name: MyTravel

30.09.2003: Last service for MyTravel from Tenerife to Manchester as MYT102

30.09.2003: Ferried to Exeter, WFU and stored

17.01.2004: Ferried to Kemble

2004: Fictious "Oriental Airways" titles applied for a movie

11.2004: To Executive Aerospace (Holly), 3D-MRR

2005: WFU and stored in Johannesburg, seen with Interlink Airlines titles




3 CF6-6D1A


Photo from Taxiways collection

#285 still in old colours and with swedish registration.

Photo by Miguel Snoep

#285 in Faro on July 20th 1999

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Photo from Ken Fielding

#285 in Manchester on April 16th 2001, now with Airtours International.

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Photo from Paulo Carvalho

When Airtours International became MyTravel on May 1st 2002, #260 was one of the inherited aircraft (FAO 06/2002).

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