09.03.1976: Assembled in Long Beach and registred N19B for Mc Donnell-Douglas

????: Re-registred N54652

25.05.1976: To Japan Air Lines, JA8533

11.03.1998: WFU and stored

1998: To Finova Capital

1998: To Ten Forty Corporation

1998: Re-registred N610TF

04.1998: Leased to CAC - Challenge Air Cargo

1998: Converted to DC-10-40F (AF)

21.04.1999: Re-registred N141WE

2000: WFU and stored in Miami

2001: To Centurion Air Cargo

2001: WFU and stored in Greensboro

2001: Back in service

27.04.2002: Damaged during take-off in Guatemala City

05.08.2003: Returned to Ten Forty Corporation

16.09.2003: To Aeroflot, VP-BDG

DC-10-40 D,

later -40F(AF)



3 JT9D-59A

Photo by Ken Fielding

Still registered to 'Ten Forty Corp', it was re-registered N141WE in April 99 although it already has '141' on the nosewheel doors. (Miami, January 29th 1999)

Photo by Ray Harvey

#224 in Challenge Air Cargo colors. The aircraft was one of the first DC-10-40s to be converted to DC-10-40F

Photo by Joe Pries

After Challenge Air Cargo was taken over by UPS, the fleet was used to form the new Centurion Air Cargo. (MIA 01/2001)

Photo by Alain Lejeune

#224 was acquired by Aeroflot in 2003. Here it is short before delivery in Rome in front of a painting hangar (09/2003).

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