08.09.1972: Assembled in Long Beach

13.10.1972: To National Airlines (Eileen, 65), N65NA

07.01.1980: Merged into Pan Am (Clipper National Eagle)

24.06.1984: To American Airlines

08.1984: Re-registred N152AA

02.08.1993: WFU and stored in Tulsa, OK

Hours / cycles accumulated by 02/08/1993: 62488 / 26007

16.08.1993: Back in service

01.09.1993: WFU and stored in Tulsa, OK

01.12.1993: Ferried to Marana, Arizona

Hours / cycles accumulated by 01/12/1993: 62610 / 26056

13.05.1994: Ferried to Tulsa, OK to be prepared for Hawaiian Airlines

08.08.1994: Leased to AMR Aircraft Leasing & Sales and sub-leased to Hawaiian Airlines

10.08.1994: First service for Hawaiian Airlines

????: Named (Hawaii - The Orchid Island)

14.09.2002: Last service for Hawaiian Airlines from Las Vegas to Los Angeles

Hours/Cycles accumulated by 14/09/2002: 87510 / 31786

16.09.2002: Returned to American Airlines, WFU and stored in Mojave, CA

16.10.2002: To FedEx

2006: Re-registred N553FE

Awaiting freighter conversion




3 CF6-6K

Photo by Don Boyd

Here's #61 landing on 9-left in Miami

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Photo by Mark Abbott

Although in service with Hawaiian, the cockpit of #61 shows that this was once a member of American Airlines' fleet. (LAX 27/11/2000)

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Photo by Mark Abbott

Nice photo of #61's engine #1. Note the reflection of the fuselage! (Over California, 27/11/2000)

Photo by Michael Carter

The aircraft is seen here on short final to Rwy 24R and was retired shortly after this flight and placed in storage at Mojave, CA. (LAX 14/09/2002)

Photo by Michael Carter

#61 stored at Mojave Airport as seen on September 30th 2003.

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