28.02.1972: Assembled in Long Beach and first flight

10.04.1972: New term for this type of aircraft DC-10-40

13.06.1973: To Northwest Orient Airlines (1141), N141US

01.10.1986: New name: Northwest Airlines

25.09.2001: Last service for Northwest Airlines

07.12.2001: WFU and stored at Roswell

Hours / cycles accumulated by 01/04/2002: approx. 80600 / 29100

24.04.2002: Ferried to Greendwood, MS

07.05.2004: Broken up in Greenwood, MS




3 JT9D-20J

Photo by Frank Schaefer

#28 arriving at London/Gatwick. Note the missing "Orient" titles

Photo by Mark Abbott

The first DC-10-40 in Minneapolis/St. Paul on September 29th 2000. At this point, the aircraft has been flying for over 27 for the same airline!

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