18.11.1975: Assembled in Long Beach

18.12.1975: To SAS (Gorm Viking), OY-KDA

28.04.1988: To Aeronautics Leasing and leased back to SAS

18.10.1989: Returned to Aeronautics Leasing and sold to UTA, F-GHOI

11.1989: To Intercredit Corporation and leased back to UTA

21.12.1992: Stored when UTA merged into Air France

24.12.1992: To Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank and leased to Scibe Airlift

06.1993: Sub-leased to Taino Airways

12.1993: Returned to Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank

12.1993: WFU and stored in Brussels

02.05.1994: Leased to AOM French Airlines

23.05.1994: First service for AOM

05.2001: WFU and stored at Paris/Orly

05.08.2001: Back in service

22.09.2001: Merged into Air Lib

????: WFU and stored at Paris/Orly

????: Ferried to Havanna

????: Ferried to Opa Locka

05.2004: Broken up in Opa Locka, FL




3 CF6-50C2

Photo by Bill Paulsen

An interesting view of #217 in SAS old colors in May 1976 in Copenhagen - waiting for it's afternoon departure to Los Angeles.

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Photo by Frank Schaefer

#217 is here again in Copenhagen, around ten years later in its new colour scheme.

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Photo by Jos van den Broeck

Scibe Airlift of Zaire is one of many exotic carriers which operated DC-10. Here, #217 is on a visit to Brussels on March 14th 1992.

Photo by Ralph Kunadt

#217 with additional Cubana titles on September 30th 2000 in London/Gatwick

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