29.04.1972: Assembled in Long Beach

19.05.1972: To Continental Airlines (043), N68043

15.06.1989: To Security Pacific Eurofinance and leased back to Continental Airlines

????: Beginning of Operations for Continental Micronesia

????: Back to Continental Air Lines

05.1999: To Pegasus Capital Corporation

????: Leased to Emery Worldwide, but never delivered

????: Converted to DC-10-10F(AF)

2001: WFU and stored at Kelly AFB

26.09.2002: Ferried to Marana

later -10F(AF)



3 CF6-6D

Photo by Michael Carter

#41 on short final to Rwy 25L of Los Angeles in April 1997

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Photo by Thomas Millard

One of the first photos of #41 as freighter, taken on June 15th 2000 in Houston

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