28.07.1975: Assembled in Long Beach

01.12.1975: To Lufthansa, D-ADLO

07.04.1980: Inaugurated Lufthansas route from Frankfurt to Beijing

10.1980: Named (Nürnberg)

1993: Name removed

01.12.1994: Last flight for Lufthansa from Toronto to Frankfurt as Lufthansas last DC-10

03.02.1995: Transferred to Condor

10.11.1997: To FSBU - First Security Bank of Utah

12.11.1997: Leased to Continental Airlines, N13086

22.06.1999: To ILFC and leased to Continental Airlines

07.10.2000: Returned to ILFC

????: Ferried to Naples for freighter conversion

27.07.2001: Delivered to World Airways

03.01.2002: Returned to ILFC

2002: Back in service

2002: Re-registred N303WL


later -30F(AF)



3 CF6-50C2

Photo by John Kelley

Here we have #211 on one of its last flight for Lufthansa. The aircraft is seen on final for runway 24L on November 18th 1994 in Toronto.

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Photo by Miguel Snoep

Preparing for take-off from Europe's most popular airport: #211 in Amsterdam-Schiphol on November 4th 1999

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