21.06.1973: Assembled in Long Beach

20.07.1973: To Western Airlines (904), N904WA

01.06.1981: To International Air Leases and leased to Capitol Air

30.04.1983: Returned to International Air Leases and leased to Hawaii Express

12.1983: Returned to International Air Leases

23.03.1984: Leased to World Airways

10.11.1984: Returned to International Air Leases

20.11.1984: Leased to Arrow Air

12.1985: Returned to International Air Leases

13.01.1986: Leased to Air Hawaii

21.02.1986: Returned to International Air Leases

10.1986: To American Airlines

03.1987: Re-registred N167AA

1997: To FedEx (also reported: 1999)(!))

Hours / cycles accumulated by 14/07/1999: 83768 / 24790

12.07.1999: WFU and stored

14.07.1999: Ferried to Goodyear Municipal

12.11.2003: Ferried to Los Angeles after 4 years of storage

16.11.2003: Ferried to Venice for freighter conversion

08.01.2004: Re-registred N559FE

07.02.2005: Delivered to FedEx after freighter conversion

(!): According to Informations given by "Aviation Center Berlin", this aircraft was seen in November of 1987 in Air Hawaii Colours + registration together with 46938/ 153 !


later -10F(AF)



3 CF6-6D1A

3 CF6-6K

(with AA)

Photo by Frank Schaefer

"They operated quite a few MAC flights via CGN ... until the day came that they lost N950JW at Gander (12th of December 1985 - crashed after take off). I actually remember seeing the DC8 arriving at CGN on its way to Gander that night.. who thought that would happen ?" (CGN 1985)

Photo by Joe Pries

#112 during its career with American Airlines at New York/JFK in November of 1996. A PA A300 is right behind.

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