28.05.1974: Assembled in Long Beach

27.06.1974: To KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines, PH-DTI

11.07.1974: Leased to Phillippine Airlines

01.05.1984: Sub-leased to Aloha Airlines

08.1984: Re-registred N801AL

11.1984: To LFC No. 14 Corporation

28.12.1984: To Fairview Leasing Corporation

01.03.1985: Leased to SAS, OY-KDB

30.05.1988: To Aeronautics Leasing and leased to SAS

31.03.1990: Returned to Aeronautics Leasing

02.04.1990: Leased to World Airways

05.1990: Re-registred N109WA

20.06.1990: Sub-leased to Garuda Indonesian

05.08.1990: Returned to World Airways

27.09.1990: To Malaysian Airline System, 9M-MAZ

07.07.1995: Leased to LOT

1995: Returned to Malaysian Airline System

29.12.1995: Leased to World Airways, N109WA

26.02.1998: Returned to Malaysia Airlines, 9M-MAZ

05.1999: WFU and stored

1999: Leased to World Airways

08.1999: Returned to Malaysia Airlines

12.1999: To Ghana Airways, 9G-ANC

2003: Grounded in Rome due to outstanding maintenance bills

2005/2006: Broken up at Rome/Fiumicino




3 CF6-50C2

Photo from M. Maibrink collection

The cheatline still identifies #159 as a Malaysian aircraft. It's seen here in the colours of LOT in August 1995 at New York/JFK.

Photo by Joe Pries

#159 with World Airways colours and malaysian registration, short before being returned to Malaysia Airlines (JFK 08/1999)

Photo by Ken Fielding

Ghana Airways expanded its long-range fleet in 1999 with the acquisition of two ex Malaysia Airlines DC-10, including #159. (London/Heathrow, 15/08/2000)

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