29.04.1975: Assembled in Long Beach

03.06.1975: To Western Air Lines, N906WA

01.04.1987: Merged into Delta Air Lines

17.03.1989: To GATX and leased to United Airlines

05.1989: Re-registred N1849U

2000: WFU and stored in Las Vegas

29.11.2000: To FedEx

????: Ferried to Goodyear

11.01.2003: Ferried to Venice for freighter conversion

17.01.2003: Re-registred N357FE

????: Converted to MD-10F

19.01.2004: Delivered to FedEx as MD-10F


later MD-10F



3 CF6-6D1A

Photo by Mark Abbott

"The pilot gave me a big smile as I took the picture" - photographed by Mark Abbott on June 26th 1999

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