21.01.1974: Assembled in Long Beach

02.04.1974: To Pakistan International, AP-AXD

09.05.1986: To Canadian Pacific Airlines (Empress of Tokyo, 910), C-FCRB

26.04.1987: Merged into Canadian Airlines International, fleet-nr. and name retained

01.1988: To Canadian Lease Financing and leased back to Canadian

10.06.1991: To Potomac Capital Investment Corporation

11.06.1991: Transferred to Wilmington Trust Company

28.06.1991: Leased to VASP, PP-SOM

12.1992: Repossessed by Potomac Capital Investment Corporation, N234DC

14.04.1993: Leased to Continental Airlines

08.1993: Re-registred N76073

02.07.2000: WFU and stored in Mojave

21.04.2001: Ferried to Clinton/Sherman




3 CF6-50C2

Photo by Frank Schaefer

#141 leaving Amsterdam

Photo by Alan Radecki

It seems that Potomac Capital decided that #141 is more worth as spare source than as aircraft. After being made airworthy, the aircraft will be ferried to Miami where it will be broken up.

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