06.05.1974: Assembled in Long Beach

18.06.1974: To VARIG, PP-VMB

09.1990: To CL Aircraft Inc. and leased back to VARIG

????: To Pegasus Capital Corporation and leased to VARIG

14.12.1998: Sub-leased to AVENSA

????: Re-registred YV-50C

2000: Returned to VARIG

11.2000: Sub-leased to AVENSA

07.08.2002: Returned to Pegasus via VARIG

2002: Re-registred N967PG

????: To Heller Financial

2002: WFU and stored in Roswell, NM




3 CF6-50C2

Photo by Martin Steiner

Since ever, Douglas trijets were well-known in Zurich. Not only Swissair operated DC-10s and MD-11s, but also international carriers like VARIG use the DC-10 to link Zurich with the world. #156 is seen here in Zurich/Kloten in September 1996.

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Photo by Olav Rhensius

Only a few DC-10 in pax version had the new color schemes. One of them is PP-VMB, also known as #156 which was a regular visitor in Zurich

Photo by Taxiways collection

After VIASA, also the new venezuelan flag carrier AVENSA operates DC-10.

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Photo from B. Fleischmann coll.

Later, #156 got a new tail logo.

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