04.02.1976: Assembled in Long Beach

22.06.1976: To Western Airlines (907), N907WA

09.1983: To Connecticut National Bank and leased back to Western Airlines

01.04.1987: Merged into Delta Air Lines, fleet number retained

11.01.1989: To United Aviation Services

17.04.1989: Leased to Mexicana (Olmeca)

10.1993: Returned to United Aviation Services

12.1993: WFU and stored in Mexico City

????: Ferried to Tucson, Arizona

01.07.1994: To Credit Lyonnais / PK Airfinance

04.12.1994: Leased to Sun Country Airlines

10.1996: Returned to Credit Lyonnais

12.1996: To FSBU - First Security Bank of Utah, N946LL

????: To Midair S.A.

05.1997: Leased to Laker Airways (Atlantis)

????: Re-registred N834LA

02.1999: WFU and stored in Tulsa when Laker ceased operations

28.04.1999: Returned to Midair S.A.

05.2000: To Memphis Group, N946LL

04.05.2000: Ferried to Marana

03.07.2000: Ferried to Greenwood, MS

07.2000: Ferried to Memphis

07.2000: Broken up in Memphis




3 CF6-6D1A

Photo by Frank Schaefer

Delta 1563 to Los Angeles is just airborne ... - view of #222's window

Photo by Greg Drawbaugh

#222 with an incomplete Sun Country tail logo

Photo by Rob

The last landing of #222 in Greenwood, MS on July 3rd 2000

Photo by Rob

#222 stored, never to fly again

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