03.12.1974: Assembled in Long Beach and registred N54646, planned for Garuda Indonesian as PK-GWA but not taken up

26.02.1975: To KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines (Edward Grieg), PH-DTL

30.03.1975: Leased to Garuda Indonesian

02.04.1976: Returned to KLM

18.05.1976: Leased to Thai Airways (Sriwanna), HS-TGC

13.03.1977: Returned to KLM, PH-DTL and renamed (Eadward Hagerup Grieg)

1982: Operated for or leased to Ghana Airways (!)

????: Returned to KLM

1983: Operated for or leased to Kenya Airways (!)

????: Returned to KLM

????: Planned for VIASA as YV-139C but not taken up

17.04.1991: Leased to VIASA

15.11.1992: Returned to KLM

28.12.1992: To African Safari Airways

1998: Re-registred 5Y-MBA

12.12.2001: WFU and stored in Basel/Mulhouse

02.2002: To Africa One, 5X-ONE

2003: Seen with additional "Trans Saharan" titles

????: WFU and stored in Kemble, UK

2004: Broken up in Kemble, UK




3 CF6-50C

Photo by Frank Schaefer

During a large part of its career, #185 was leased out to other carriers, but sometimes, it also appeared in full KLM colours. (AMS, early 1990s)

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Photo by Ralph Kunadt

#185, still with its dutch registration PH-DTL, with the beautiful zebra-tail.

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