01.02.1977: Assembled in Long Beach

05.05.1977: To Thai International Airways (Sriwanna), HS-TGE

1981: Renamed: (Hariphunchai)

01.01.1987: Re-registred HS-TMD

16.02.1987: To SAS (Bjarne Viking) and leased back to Thai International

06.12.1987: Returned to SAS, LN-RKD

30.03.1989: To Malaysian Airline System and leased back to SAS

21.10.1990: Returned to Malaysian Airline System, 9M-MAX

21.08.1995: To Wilmington Trust Company, N961GF

28.09.1995: To Greyrock Capital Group Inc.

????: To Nationscredit Commercial Corporation

20.11.1995: Leased to Northwest Airlines (1232), N232NW

24.10.2005: Last service for Northwest Airlines from Amsterdam to Minneapolis/St. Paul

25.10.2005: Ferried from Minneapolis/St. Paul to Marana, AZ, WFU and stored

Hours accumulated by 25/10/2005: 103415 / 20631

27.12.2005: Ferried from Marana, AZ to Minneapolis/St. Paul

29.12.2005: Back in service with Northwest Airlines

16.01.2006: Ferried from Los Angeles, CA to Marana, AZ, WFU and stored




3 CF6-50C2

Photo from Taxiways collection

#236 in Frankfurt

Photo by Mark Abbott

#236 lifts off runway 12R bound for AMS. The picture was taken on March 2nd 2001 in Minneapolis/St. Paul

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