02.09.1977: Assembled in Long Beach

02.11.1977: To UTA, F-BTDD

06.05.1988: To Aeronautics Leasing and leased back to UTA

21.12.1992: Merged into Air France

02.07.1993: Returned to Aeronautics Leasing

09.07.1993: Leased to AOM French Airlines

????: To DD Bail and leased to AOM French Airlines

21.01.1997: Sub-leased to Aerolyon

????: Named (Ville de Nantes)

????: WFU and stored in Cambridge

????: Back in service

2002: WFU and stored

2002: Being made operational for L'Air

2002: WFU and stored in Nimes




3 CF6-50C2

Photo by Olav Rhensius

UTA was the first operator of #244 and used the aircraft for 15 years. (Nice, July 1981)

Photo from Taxiways collection

#244 at London/ Gatwick in June of 1999.

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Photo from Laurent Kepinski

In late 2002, this company called L'Air was ready to operate #244. Unfortunately, they went benkrupt before their first flight.

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