24.04.1973: Assembled in Long Beach

23.05.1973: To Continental Airlines (Employee Owner Ship 1, 048), N68048

1981: Leased to Mc Donnell - Douglas for flight tests with winglets in cooperation with the NASA

11.1981: Returned to Continental Airlines

15.06.1989: To Whirlpool Financial Corporation and leased back to Continental Airlines

03.06.1993: Returned to Whirlpool Financial Corporation

06.1993: WFU and stored in Kingman, Arizona

????: Ferried to Goodyear to be converted to MD-10

29.08.1997: For FedEx

16.05.2002: To Aviation Management Systems for scrapping




3 CF6-6D

Photo by Ray Harvey

A beautiful shot of #101, still wearing its old colours, at Arizona/Kingman

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