12.10.1979: Assembled in Long Beach

07.01.1980: To Japan Air Lines, JA8539

19.10.1990: To Japan Air Charter and leased back to Japan Air Lines

????: Returned to Japan Air Charter

????: Leased to Japan Air Lines

23.01.1992: Returned to Japan Air Charter

????: Repainted in "Super Resort Express scheme"

01.10.1999: New name: JALways

????: New "Reso'cha" titles added

26.11.2003: To Wells Fargo Bank Northwest, N822V

05.12.2003: WFU and stored in Mojave, CA

DC-10-40 I



3 JT9D-59A

Photo by Frank Schaefer

Slowing down on runway 31 at HongKong/ Kai Tak in October 1991.

Photo by Ken Fielding

#304 at Honolulu on January 15th 1999 in the original "Super Resort Express" scheme.

Photo by Olav Rhensius (Propfreak)

Pretty Colours! #304 at Tokyo/Narita on December 24th 2001. Note the "Reso'cha" titles!

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