11.08.1980: Assembled in Long Beach

25.11.1980: To Philippine Airlines, RP-C2114

29.01.1991: To Polaris Aircraft Leasing Corporation and leased back to Philippine Airlines

04.1994: Returned to Polaris Aircraft Leasing Corporation

05.1996: Leased to Caledonian Airways, G-GOKT (Loch Roag)

23.07.1999: Emergeny landing in Santa Maria, Azores after fire in avionics bay

27.03.2000: Merged into JMC Airlines

26.01.2001: WFU and stored in Manchester

31.05.2001: To World Airways, N352WL

2003: WFU and stored at Goodyear

2004: Back in service with World Airways

28.02.2005: WFU and stored in Greenwood, MS

Aircraft is missing many parts and will most probably be broken up




3 CF6-50

Photo by Martin Steiner

#338 in Caledonian colors, taxiing in Orlando on October 10th 1996

Photo by Javier Rodriguez

JMC inherited two DC-10-30 aircraft from Caledonian Airways

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