19.06.1980: Assembled in Long Beach

06.09.1980: To VARIG, PP-VMU

11.1987: Converted to DC-10-30F (CF)

05.1992: To GPA Group and leased back to VARIG

12.2002: Returned to GECAS, WFU and stored

????: Sold or leased to VARIGLog


later -30F(AF)



3 CF6-50C2

Photo by Frank Schaefer

#332 Finals for runway 30 at sunny Miami in April of 1994.

Photo by Chris Coduto

As one of two remaining DC-10s, #332 was converted to a pure freighter for cargo division VARIG Cargo (JFK 11/1999)

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Photo by Chris Coduto

Shortly after VARIG renamed its cargo division to VarigLOG, #332 was seen here in Los Angeles on February 18th 2001.

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