17.09.1973: Assembled in Long Beach, planned for Atlantis but not taken up, registred N54634 for Mc Donnell -Douglas

25.11.1974: To Air Siam, HS-VGE

10.11.1976: Repossessed by Mc Donnell - Douglas

25.02.1977: To Korean Air Lines, HL7328

20.06.1984: New name: Korean Air

27.07.1989: Crashed whilst on approach in fog to Tripoli, Lybia (72 killed / 127 survived)




3 CF6-50

Photo from M. Maibrink collection

Thailand's first DC-10 had an unlucky fate. First, its operator ceased operations, later it had a heavy accident in Tripoli. Here it is in the colours of Air Siam in HongKong.

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