27.11.1974: Assembled in Long Beach and first flight

27.01.1975: To Finnair (Iso-Antti), OH-LHA

16.04.1987: Leased to JAT - Jugoslovenski Aerotransport

31.10.1988: Returned to Finnair but not named again

04.06.1993: Leased to Express One International

19.09.1994: Returned to Finnair

24.10.1994: Leased to World Airways

05.1995: Sub-leased to Malaysian Airline System

12.06.1995: Returned to World Airways

30.08.1995: Returned to Finnair

????: To Capra Corporation

14.06.1996: Leased to Air Liberté, F-GPVA

12.1998: Painted in "L’esprit Liberté" colours

18.11.1998: To Credit Lyonnais / PK Airfinans and leased back to Air Liberté

22.09.2001: Merged into Air Lib

05.11.2002: Repainted into Air Lib Express colours

06.02.2003: WFU and stored at Paris/CDG after Air Lib ceased operations

2003: Ferried to Helsinki

21.04.2004: Ferried to Opa Locka

2004: Re-registred N956PT

To be scrapped, but seen doing engine runs in September 2004




3 CF6-50C2

Photo from Taxiways collection

Finnair's first DC-10 without cheatline

Photo from Taxiways collection

#181 in Frankfurt during its time with Express One

Photo from Taxiways collection

In the 1990s, #181 had two short-time leases with World Airways.

Photo by Mathias Henig

F-GPVA in the old color scheme in Nürnberg on October 4th 1999. The new one came one day afterwards to NUE

Photo by Paulo Carvalho

Takeoff from runway 10 (FAO 11/2001)

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Photo by D. Herforth collection

#181 in new Air Lib Express colours, stored at Paris/Orly in May 2003

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