19.08.1981: Assembled in Long Beach

03.02.1982: To Mexicana, N1003W (planned registration XA-MEU was not taken up)

05.1993: Leased to Aeroperú

12.1994: To Bank of New York

31.01.1995: To Wilmington Trust Company and leased to Sun Country Airlines, N152SY

????: To Sanwa and leased to Sun Country Airlines

11.09.2000: WFU and stored in Greenwood

06.2002: Broken up in Greenwood, MS




3 CF6-50C2F

Photo by Greg Drawbaugh

Sun Country's largest aircraft were DC-10s which were operated until 2001.

Photo by Rob

What remains of #365... (GWO 28/03/2002)

Click here to see more photos of #365 being broken up.

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