ACCIDENT OF N110AA (46510/22)
May 25th 1979, time: 15:04 CDT

NTSB report / statistics

The asymmetrical stall and the ensuing roll of the aircraft because of the uncommanded retraction of the left wing outboard leading edge slats and the loss of stall warning and slat disagreement indication systems resulting from maintenance-induced damage leading to the separation of the no.1 engine and pylon assembly procedures which led to failure of the pylon structure. Contributing to the cause of the accident were the vulnerability of the design of the pylon attach points to maintenance damage; the vulnerability of the design of the leading edge slat system to the damage which produced asymmetry; deficiencies in FAA surveillance and reporting systems which failed to detect and prevent the use of improper maintenance procedures; deficiencies in the practices and communications among the operators, the manufacturer, and the FAA which failed to determine and disseminate the particulars regarding previous maintenance damage incidents; and the intolerance of prescribed operational procedures to this unique emergency.

Crew: 13 fatalities / 13 on board
Passengers: 258 fatalities / 258 on board
Total: 271 fatalities / 271 on board
Location: Chicago-O'Hare APT, IL (USA)
Phase: Take-off
Nature: Scheduled Passenger
Flight: Chicago-O'Hare APT, IL - (Flightnumber 191)

Source: Aviation Safety Network / NTSB