ACCIDENT OF N184AT (46751/36)
August 10th 1986, time: 07:15 CDT

NTSB report / statistics

The DC-10 was unloaded following a charter flight. Company maintenance personnel had placed damaged passenger seatbacks (incorporating solid-state chemical oxygen generators) in the forward cargo hold with seat covers and oil. A company mechanic examined the seatbacks to find a serviceable unit. He encountered a loose oxygen generator, which he handled improperly by its oxygen hose. The generator went off by accident, generating a 430deg C heat. Seat covers ignited and the fire eventually burned through the cabin floor. The cabin was soon engulfed in flames.

Crew: 0 fatalities / 0 on board
Passengers: 0 fatalities / 0 on board
Total: 0 fatalities / 0 on board
Location: Chicago-O'Hare APT, IL (USA)
Phase: Ground
Nature: -
Flight: - (Flightnumber 131)

Source: Aviation Safety Network / NTSB