ACCIDENT OF N54629 (46852/125)
September 19th 1989, time: 13:59

NTSB report / statistics

The DC-10 was operating as UTA Flight 772 on the Brazzaville-N'Djamena-Paris route. The aircraft took off from N'Djamena at 13.13h and climbed to a cruising altitude of FL350. At 13.59 an explosion on board caused the the aircraft to crash into the desert. The explosive device was located at location 13R in the cargo hold. The device was most probably hidden in bagage, placed aboard at Brazzaville. It was conluded that the security measures taken at Brazzaville didn't comply with ICAO Annex 17 and ICAO Doc 8973).

Total airframe hrs: 60276 hours
Cycles: 14777 cycles
Crew: 15 fatalities / 15 on board
Passengers: 156 fatalities / 156 on board
Total: 171 fatalities / 171 on board
Location: Ténéré desert; 16 54'N 11 59'E (Niger)
Phase: Climb
Nature: Scheduled Passenger
Flight: N'Djamena - Paris-Charles de Gaulle (Flightnumber 772)

Source: Aviation Safety Network / NTSB