ACCIDENT OF N800WR (46955/228)
April 30th 2000, time: ca. 05:30

NTSB report / statsitics

DAS Air Cargo DC-10 freighter N800WR approached Entebbe Runway 35 following a flight from London-Gatwick carrying over 50 tons of cargo. On landing the plane aquaplaned and slid off the runway as it was trying to make a turn and then plunged into Lake Victoria about 100 metres from the southern end of the runway. The DC-10 ended up with the no.1 and 3 engines submerged and cockpit section separated from the fuselage. The crewmembers were rescued with a life-raft within just 10 minutes of the accident.

Total airframe hrs: 69 000 hours
Cycles: 20900 cycles
Crew: 0 fatalities / 7 on board
Passengers: 0 fatalities / 0 on board
Total: 0 fatalities / 7 on board
Location: Entebbe (Uganda)
Phase: Landing
Nature: Freight
Flight: London-Gatwick APT - Entebbe IAP (Flightnumber 405)

Source: Aviation Safety Network / NTSB / The Monitor

Report by AVFLASH

ANOTHER CARGO PLANE IN THE LAKE: For the second time in less than three months a cargo plane has ended up in the shallow waters of Africa's Lake Victoria. Last Sunday, a DC-10 operated by Dairo Air Services overshot the runway during its approach to the Entebbe International Airport in Uganda, and crashed into the lake. The seven-member Ugandan crew was rescued with only minor injuries. Last February, an Arabian B707 ended up in Lake Victoria while trying to land in Tanzania.