ACCIDENT OF PK-GIE (46685/284)
June 13th 1996, time: 12:08

NTSB report / statistics

Flight GA865 took off from Fukuoka Runway 16 (9200ft long) for a flight to Jakarta via Denpasar. The DC-10 lifted off after a 5900ft ground run and had reached a height of 4ft when a fanblade of the 1st stage HP turbine from the no.3 engine separated. At 9ft, with a 167kts airspeed (just below the 170kts V2 speed), the crew decided to abort the take-off. The DC-10 skidded off the runway through a ditch, fence and a road, before coming to a halt 1600ft past the runway. During the slide, the aircraft lost the no.1 engine and landing gear. The Japanese Aircraft Accident Investigation Commission said that the crash resulted from the fact that the captain's judgement in the case of the engine failure was inadequate. The turbine blade in question had operated for 30913hrs and 6182 cycles..

Crew: 0 fatalities / 15 on board
Passengers: 3 fatalities / 260 on board
Total: 3 fatalities / 275 on board
Location: Fukuoka (Japan)
Phase: Take-off
Nature: Scheduled Passenger
Flight: Fukuoka - Denpasar-Ngurah Rai APT (Flightnumber 865)

Source: Aviation Safety Network / NTSB

They wanted to fly into the sun

Burnt out, lacerated - the end of a holiday flight
The airport of Fukuoka in southern Japan: 261 passengers, most of them Japanese, were aboard the DC-10 of the Indonesian airline Garuda. They were looking forward to the beaches of Bali. The aircraft took off, suddenly a big jolt went through the jet. The aircraft crashed on the runway and skidded with 200 km/h into a rice field. Seconds later, the aircraft was burning. Passenger Hideko Icheda (44):"They came from the rear end!" Passengers and crew members were saved through the slides, three people died 108 were injured. The cause was a crack in the rear engine.

Source: June 14th 1996, Bild Hannover, Hanover/Germany (freely traduced)

In this aircraft, three people died - 260 were saved

TOKYO - Three fatalities and 100 injured - that's the result of an aircraft accident, yesterday on Japan's main island Kyushu. A DC-10 from the Indonesian airline Garuda with 275 people on board tried to land again after a failed take-off attempt, than shoot off the runway and burnt down. The cause was probably an engine failure. In one of the engines, a hole was discovered.

As passengers said, the aircraft just took off from the airport in Fukuoka, when they suddenly felt heavy vibrations.
The DC-10 touched down again, teared 500 meters away from the runway and stopped on a field, only 100 meters away from a residential area. It broke into two parts.
"It felt like the aircraft fell into an airhole. Then we only felt these heavy vibrations", said a passenger. On board of the Indonesian aircraft were mainly Japanese tourists. They wanted to fly to Denpasar, Bali.
In the hole in the engine, which was discovered last night, probably the fire broke out. Rapidly, it came into the passenger cabin and spread out fastly. "After the aircraft hit the ground some times, I saw fire under my feet", said a 25-year-old passenger.
Most of the passengers were saved, before the fire totally destroyed the cabin. But although the airport fire department arrived within a few minutes with fire trucks and ambulances, all help came too late for three people. The police fear, that more dead persons are still in the aircraft. More than 250 deliverer were involved, 13 of them were injured by fire.
The pilot was badly injured. According to Fuji TV, he said in the hospital that "There were no problems with the engines before take-off." An official questioning was not possible.

Source: June 14th 1996, Hannover Allgemeine Zeitung, Hanover/Germany (freely traduced)