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Some of you know me already, most of you only via e-mail and from time to time, there are also some new visitors on this page :) So I would like to tell you a few words about me:

I am a 24-year old (yes, Monika: 24!) trainee at Hamburg Airport. It was in August 2002 when I began with my traineeship / apprenticeship and until now, I am quite happy with it. I grew up in Hannover, a boring city in Lower Saxony (Northern Germany) which is only known for exhibitions like the computer fair "CeBit" and the EXPO 2000. In 1997, I moved to Lueneburg where I tried to study business administrations, but I failed. My aviation career began in 2001, when I gave up my studies and joined a chaotic ground handling company at Hamburg Airport. Although I got sometimes very angry at them, it was a very nice time where I learned my "basics" in aviation. Now I am working for Hamburg Airport itself and hope to do that at least for the next two years. The house where I live is very near to the airport and I live there with a music producer, his son, his girlfriend and another nice girl.

First name: Karl-Heinz
Last name: Beulke Moreno
Birthdate: 23/10/1978
Birthplace: CCS
Occupation: Trainee (Hamburg Airport)
Languages: Spanish/German/English/French
Favourite music: Rock/Pop á la Offspring
Favourite holiday destination: France
Favourite soccer teams: SV Werder Bremen / Netherlands (Oranje!!!)
Favourite plane: Guess which one...
DC-10 Flight experience: In my childhood, frequent flyer aboard Lufthansa's and VIASA's DC-10s

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