Big bad and heavy...
Photo by Joe Pries (Honolulu 12/1998)


DC-10 costumers List of all DC-10 costumers with number of ordered and delivered aircraft
DC-10s at Canadian Airlines Background and pilot's experience at Canadian Airlines International. By Tony Archbold, ex-chief pilot of Canadian's DC-10 fleet
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Goodbye DC-10 Read about the retirement of the last Lufthansa DC-10 (in German).
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Jokes and hoaxes Enhanced pictures and DC-10 humour
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The Orbis DC-10 Some information about this unique aircraft
The "wannabe-club" Airlines which ordered DC-10s and never operated any
The webmaster A few words about me
Unknown registrations These registartions were never used on any DC-10, but they were reserved for the one or other reason
When I am dead and gone... DC-10s which were broken up