DC-10s were registred in 53 countries and operated in almost every part of the world

AP - Pakistan

C - Canada

CC - Chile

CP - Bolivia

D - Germany

EC - Spain

EI - Ireland

EK - Armenia

F - France

G - United Kingdom

HB - Switzerland

HC - Ecuador

HL - South Korea

HS - Thailand

I - Italy

JA - Japan

J2 - Djibouti

LN - Norway

LX - Luxemburg


OB - Perú

OH - Finland

OO - Belgium

OY - Denmark

PH - The Netherlands

PK - Indonesia

PP/PR - Brazil

RA - Russia

RP - Philippines

SE - Sweden

SX - Greece

S2 - Bangladesh

TC - Turkey

TU - Côte d'Ivoire*

UN - Kazakhstan

VP-B/VR-B - Bermudas

V2 - Antigua/Barbuda

XA - México

YA - Afghanistan

YU - Yugoslavia*

YV - Venezuela

Z - Zimbabwe

ZK - New Zealand

ZS - South Africa

3D - Swaziland

5N - Nigeria

5X - Uganda

5Y - Kenya

9G - Ghana

9J - Zambia

9M - Malaysia

9Q - Congo*

9V - Singapore

Note: In the meanwhile, some states changed their name or ceased to exist. For these reasons, following statements have to me made:
*Congo (Dem. Republic of): This state was named Zaire between 1971 and 1997. No DC-10s were registred in this country after 1997.
*Côte d'Ivoire: Although known as Ivory Coast, the french name is used according to the country's laws.
*Yugoslavia: Most DC-10s in this country were operated in the time when Yugoslavia existed. Today, the country has fallen apart into several independent states. Only in the commonwealth of Serbia/Montenegro, which was called Yugoslavia for most time of its existence, were DC-10s registred after the dissolution of the yugoslavian state. None of the current states still has a DC-10 registred.