28.03.1979: Assembled in Long Beach

19.07.1979: To CP Air (Empress of British Columbia, 902), C-GCPD

21.07.1979: Leased to VARIG, PP-VMP

14.06.1980: Returned to CP Air ,C-GCPD

12.01.1986: New name: Canadian Pacific Airlines

26.04.1987: Merged into Canadian Airlines International, name of the aircraft + fleet number retained

1999: Painted in MTV "Fly 2K" colors

26.01.2000: WFU and stored

03.02.2000: Ferried to Edmonton

13.04.2000: Ferried to Venice for freighter conversion

14.04.2000: To FSBU, N541SA

10.2000: Leased to World Airways

19.12.2000: Delivered to World Airways as freighter

2002: WFU and stored

27.06.2003: To Finova Capital and leased to World Airways

????: WFU and stored at Goodyear

????: Re-registred C-FACX and prepared for All Canada Express

????: Returned to Finova

16.07.2005: Ferried to Nimes

20.07.2005: To DAS Air Cargo, 5X-DAS

01.12.2006: Returned to Finova, N65SS


later -30F(AF)



3 CF6-50C2

Photo from Frank Schaefer

CP Air advertised the EXPO 86 on many of its planes. #281 is seen here in Amsterdam on July 6th 1986.

Photo by Joe Pries

#281 in Vancouver in September 1997

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Photo from Taxiways collection

In 1999, #281 flew with this special MTV "Fly 2K" colour scheme

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