05.09.1980: Assembled in Long Beach

26.11.1980: To CP Air (Empress of Buenos Aires, 904), C-GCPF

????: Planned to be registred N1849U for United Airlines but not taken up

11.07.1983: Leased to United Airlines

01.06.1987: Returned to Canadian Pacific Airlines (new name of CP Air)

26.04.1987: Merged into Canadian Airlines International, name of the aircraft and fleet-number retained

????: Converted to DC-10-30ER

????: To Pegasus Capital and leased back to Canadian

04.1999: WFU and stored in Vancouver

06.1999: Returned to Pegasus Capital

08.1999: Ferried to Abbotsford

Hours / cycles accumulated by 08/1999: 75728 / 13379

09.1999: Ferried to Vancouver

27.09.1999: Ferried to Abbotsford

15.12.1999: Leased to Bangladesh Biman, S2-ACS


later -30ER



3 CF6-50C2B

Photo by Frank Schaefer

On short final for Kai Tak's runway 13 (HKG 11/1991)

Photo from Taxiways collection

#341 is one of two ex-Canadian DC-10s which are operated by Bangladesh Biman in this hybrid colour scheme.

Click here to see more photos in this Bangladesh Biman scheme

Photo from Ken Fielding

Here's the aircraft on one of Biman's first flights to Manchester on April 9th 2006 - in full Biman colour scheme

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