17.09.1980: Assembled in Long Beach

22.01.1981: To Condor, D-ADSO

02.1988: Leased to Lufthansa

04.1989: Returned to Condor

01.10.1999: Flight from PMI to Frankfurt as Condors last DC-10, WFU and stored in Frankfurt, Germany

19.02.2000: Ferried to Berlin/Schönefeld

05.09.2000: Ferried to Frankfurt

07.11.2000: To Omni Air International

08.11.2000: Re-painted in Omni Air cs and re-registred N720AX

10.11.2000: Delivered via Bangor, ME to Tulsa




3 CF6-50C2

Photo by Ken Fielding

Condor's last DC-10 was also the last DC-10 registred in Germany. Here is #342 in Frankfurt on July 22nd 1998.

Photo by Joe Pries

#342 at New York/JFK in April 2001

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