03.11.1972: Assembled in Long Beach

06.02.1973: To KLM (Frederik F. Chopin), PH-DTC

10.1973: Leased to Garuda Indonesia (Irian Jaya)

21.03.1975: Returned to KLM

03.05.1975: Leased to Philippine Airlines

16.11.1975: Returned to KLM

10.06.1991: To SBC-1-Air and leased back to KLM

17.12.1994: Last service for KLM

22.01.1995: Returned to SBC-1-Air

01.1995: WFU and stored in Marana, Arizona

22.06.1995: To CIT Leasing Corporation, N4655Z

????: WFU and stored in Amarillo, Texas

17.08.1995: Leased to Northwest Airlines

01.11.1995: Re-registred N230NW

13.10.1998: Minor damaged when it lost a larger part of the tail engine after take-off in AMS

Hours / cycles accumulated by 01/04/2002: aprrox. 112200 / 27000

05.08.2005: Last service for Northwest Airlines

01.09.2005: Ferried from Minneapolis/St. Paul to Marana, AZ, WFU and stored

Hours / cycles accumulated by 01/09/2005: 124609 / 28628

18.11.2005: Returned to CIT Leasing

2006: Broken up in Marana, AZ




3 CF6-50C

Photo by Frank Schaefer

The world's friendliest airline and the world's best looking aircraft (webmaster's opinion) :) - #71 shows up in its homebase Amsterdam

Photo by William Su

As many DC-10s, #71 made its way to Northwest Airlines at the middle of the 1990s. Ironically, This DC-10 was initially ordered by Northwest's european partner KLM

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