24.01.1973: Assembled in Long Beach and registred N1349 for Mc Donell-Douglas

09.02.1973: To KLM (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart), PH-DTE

03.06.1983: Damaged after overrunning runway in Panama City

21.02.1984: To Trans Union Leasing Corporation, N130FA

09.09.1985: To SAS (Yngve Viking), SE-DFG

13.04.1988: To Ans Avianor A/S, LN-ALN and leased back to SAS

01.06.1989: To Intercredit Corporation and leased to JAT, YU-AMD

27.11.1991: Returned to Intercredit Corporation

????: WFU and stored in Mojave, California

05.02.1992: Re-registred N821CC

02.07.1992: To CL Aircraft Inc.

13.11.1992: To Concord Asset Management, V2-LEA and leased to Skyjet

11.1992: Operated for Air Zaire

????: Back with Skyjet

1993: Operated for Ghana Airways

1993: Back with Skyjet

1993: Planned for Taino Airlines but not taken up

01.04.1994: Sub-leased to Sobelair, OO-PHN

07.06.1994: To CLF 6 Inc. and leased to Skyjet

01.07.1994: Sub-leased to Sobelair

01.09.1994: Returned to Skyjet

10.12.1994: Sub-leased to Shabair

09.02.1995: Returned to Skyjet

10.02.1995: Sub-leased to VASP

03.02.1996: Returned to Skyjet (The Royal Oak Wineham)

1996: Sub-leased to Ecuatoriana

1996: Returned to Skyjet, name not given again

1996: To Aircraft 46554 Inc. and leased to Skyjet

31.05.1996: Sub-leased to Ghana Airways

????: Re-registred 9G-PHN

02.2000: Returned to Skyjet

05.2000: Re-registred F-GHPN

03.06.2000: Seen again in service with Ghana Airways as 9G-PHN in LHR (!)

2002: Returned to Skyjet

2002: Leased to Aerowings

2002: New name: Astra Airlines

2003: WFU and stored in Rome, ownership unclear(!)

2006: Broken up at Rome/Fiumicino




3 CF6-50C

Photo by Miguel Snoep

Young #84 is seen here in Amsterdam in November 1973 - just nine months after delivery.

Photo by Joe Pries

Unfortunately, this colour scheme was also adopted by #369, which was #84s workmate at Ghana Airways. Here you can see #84 in New York in October 1998.

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