18.01.1973: Assembled in Long Beach and registred N1348U for Mc Donell-Douglas

20.05.1974: To Laker Airways (Canterbury Belle), G-BBSZ

10.1977: Leased to Air Algerie

12.1977: Returned to Laker Airways

04.1982: To International Air Leases, N917CL

05.1982: Leased to Capitol Air

30.07.1983: Returned to International Air Leases

06.09.1983: Leased to Arrow Air

03.1984: Re-registred N917JW

01.11.1984: Sub-leased to World Airways

17.09.1986: Returned to International Air Leases

15.10.1986: Leased to Spantax, EC-EAZ

21.05.1987: Returned to International Air Leases, N917JW

09.06.1986: To American Airlines

08.07.1987: To Aeronautics & Astronautics

05.07.1987: Leased to Spantax

04.1988: Returned to Aeronautics & Astronautics

01.04.1989: Leased to Key Air

06.1989: Sub-leased to Garuda Indonesian Airways

1989: Returned to Key Air

07.1989: To Security Pacific Eurfinance

07.1989: Leased to World Airways

07.1989: Sub-leased to Key Air

12.1989: Re-registred N40KA

03.05.1990: Returned to World Airways

08.1990: Re-registred N104WA

25.04.1992: Returned to Security Pacific Finance

????: WFU and stored in Mojave, California

????: Ferried to Mc Carran Field, Las Vegas

11.1992: To Concord Asset Management

08.01.1994: To World Aviation Services

08.07.1994: To Global Aircraft Sales

06.1995: Converted to DC-10-10F (AF)

10.1995: WFU and stored in Macon, Georgia

1997: Leased to ARCA Colombia, but still stored in Macon


later -10F(AF)



3 CF6-6D1A

Photo by Ralph Kunadt

After being operated by Laker Airways, it flew some time for the unlucky spanish charter airline Spantax. The World Airways cheatline is still visible on this photo.

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