11.07.1979: Assembled in Long Beach and registred N1002Y for Mc Donnell-Douglas

01.02.1980: To Swissair (Valais / Wallis), HB-IHM

21.01.1992: To Polaris Aircraft Leasing Corporation, N610PH

02.08.1992: Leased to Continental Airlines (069), N15069

27.07.1999: To AFT Trust and leased to Continental Airlines

07.09.2000: Take-off aborted in Amsterdam after engine explosion

2001: Last service for Continental Airlines

25.09.2001: WFU and stored in Mojave

10.10.2002: Departed to Roswell, NM for scrapping

19.12.2002: Returned to AFT Trust




3 CF6-50C

Photo by Ralph Kunadt

#293 weared its Swissair registration HB-IHM for more than ten years and was one of the last DC-10s in the fleet of the swiss national carrier

Photo by Mark Abbott

In the 1980s and 1990s, Continental airlines built up a fleet of used DC-10-30s which enabled Continental Airlines to survive on the transatlantic market. #293 is seen here on November 4th 2000 in Los Angeles

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