22.04.1974: Assembled in Long Beach

19.06.1974: To United Airlines (3624), N1824U

26.04.1986: To UAL Leasing Inc. and leased back to United Airlines

01.1987: Transferred to UAL First Leasing Company and leased to United Airlines

28.06.1989: To Wilmington Trust Company and leased to United Airlines

27.09.1995: To United Airlines

02.1996: WFU and stored at Mc Carran Field, Las Vegas

Hours / cycles accumulated by 04/11/1998: 61466 / 24209

05.11.1998: To FedEx

1999: Converted to DC-10-10F(AF)

13.11.2006: Ferried from Bangor, ME to Venice for MD-10 conversion

2007: Converted to MD-10

30.06.2007: Delivered to FedEx after MD-10 conversion


later -10F(AF),

later MD-10



3 CF6-6D

Photo by Rob

#154 was retired from the United Airlines fleet in early 1996 still wearing the old colour scheme. Traces of this scheme are seen on this picture which was taken in Las Vegas

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