11.07.1975: Assembled in Long Beach

20.08.1975: To United Airlines (3631), N1831U

26.03.1986: To UAL Leasing Inc, and leased back to United Airlines

01.1987: Transferred UAL First Leasing Company and leased to United Airlines

28.06.1989: To Wilmington Trust Company and leased to United Airlines

27.09.1995: To United Airlines

????: WFU and stored at Mc Carran Field, Las Vegas

30.11.1997: Back in service!

27.05.1999: To FedEx

Hours / cycles accumulated by 27/05/1999: 63955 / 25142

????: Ferried to Goodyear to be converted to MD-10

13.06.2001: Re-registred N396FE

2001: Converted to MD-10

29.07.2001: Ferried from Mobile, AL to Memphis, TN

02.08.2001: First service as MD-10


later MD-10



3 CF6-6D

Photo from Taxiways collection

This is the colour scheme #209 used to wear during the largest part of its career

Photo by Michael Carter

#209 with remains of the old United Airlines color scheme is awaiting MD-10 conversion for FedEx (GYR 19/07/2000)

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Photo by Miguel Snoep

#209 is landing on Los Angeles' runway 25L on October 6th 2001, only a few weeks after getting the MD-10 conversion

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