09.03.1972: Assembled in Long Beach and registred N1338 (Friendship) for Douglas

21.07.1972: Sales tour around Asia, Europe and the United States for Douglas

02.12.1972: To THY - Türk Hava Yollari (Istanbul), TC-JAU

12.1987: Leased to Bogazici Air Transport (Jengelky)

02.1989: Returned to Turkish Airlines (New name of the Airline) but not named again

????: Leased to Turkish Air

????: Returned to Turkish Airlines

16.11.1989: To Federal Express, N68058

05.1991: Converted to DC-10-10F (AF)

06.03.1992: To First Chicago Leasing Corporation and leased back to Federal Express

????: New name: FedEx

07.08.1999: Damaged in landing in Memphis

1999: Back in service


later -10F(AF)



3 CF6-6D

Photo by Frank Schaefer

TC-JAU was the sister ship of the ill fated TC-JAV which crashed near Paris in 1974. As no replacement aircraft was acquired, #33 and #78 were the only widebodies in the THY fleet for a long time. (FRA 1986)

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Photo by Ralph Kunadt

#33 in the colours of Bogazici Air Transport. This turkish charter airline operated #33 for more than a year before it collapsed and the aircraft went back to its owner and initial operator, Turkish Airlines

Photo by Ralph Kunadt

After being returned, #33 flew charter flights for THY under the name "Turkish Air" with this color scheme. It is not clear if THY planned to build up a charter subsidiary with that name and the DC-10s

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