24.07.1972: Assembled in Long Beach

10.11.1972: To Northwest Orient Airlines (1143),N143US

15.05.1984: To Boeing

20.06.1984: To Jet Charter Service

28.06.1984: Leased to Dominicana

10.1984: Returned to Jet Charter Service

10.1984: Re-registred N133JC

17.10.1984: Leased to Air Panama

05.1985: Returned to Jet Charter service

19.06.1985: Repossessed by Boeing

23.08.1985: Leased to Jet Charter Service

14.10.1985: Returned to Boeing

22.11.1985: To Progress Aviation Inc.

17.05.1986: Leased to Northwest Orient Airlines (1143)

09.1986: To Amcomp Corporation and leased to Northwest Orient Airlines

01.10.1986: New name: Northwest Airlines

08.1989: Transferred to Investors Asset Holding Corporation and leased to Northwest Airlines

????: To AFG Air Finance and leased to Northwest Airlines

????: WFU and stored in Roswell, NM




3 JT9D-20

Photo by Frank Schaefer

#53 in interim colours. The photo was taken in Miami in December of 1989.

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