21.09.1972: Assembled in Long Beach (planned registration: F-BTDA) and registred N1341U for Mc Donnell-Douglas

18.02.1973: To UTA, F-BTDB

21.12.1992: Merged into Air France

02.07.1993: Leased to European Airlift and sub-leased to Lineas Aereas Paraguayas

01.10.1993: Returned to European Airlift

????: To Pegasus Capital Corporation and leased back to Air France

03.06.1994: Returned to Pegasus Capital Leasing Corporation and leased to Challengair, OO-JOT

1994: Used as standby aircraft by Britannia

04.1995: Sub-leased to Air Europe

04.1995: Returned to Challengair

05.1995: Sub-leased to Tarom

1995: Returned to Challengair

31.10.1995: Sub-leased to Caledonian Airways

1995: Returned to Challengair

16.12.1995: Sub-leased to Air Europe

????: Returned to Challengair

20.03.1996: Sub-leased to Corsair

10.1997: Returned to Challengair

03.10.1997: Re-registred N13088

08.10.1997: To Continental Airlines

31.08.2001: Ferried to Mojave, WFU and stored




3 CF6-50C2R

Photo from Taxiways collection

#63 was UTAs oldest DC-10 and served for almost 20 years

Photo by Ken Fielding

Same aircraft, newly delivered to Challengair on June 24th 1994 in Manchester.

Photo by Ralph Kunadt

Air Europe used this DC-10 for some days in April of 1995

Photo from D. Herforth collection

#63 leased to TAROM in Bangkok in October 1995.

Photo by Javier Rodriguez

Challengair operated two DC-10-30s for Corsair, including #63 (PMI 04/1996).

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