05.02.1975: Assembled in Long Beach (Planned registration: F-BTDF)

19.03.1975: Leased to UTA, N54649

19.03.1990: To LCB Inc. and leased back to UTA

21.12.1992: Merged into Air France

10.1992: Returned to LCB Inc.

01.03.1993: Leased to AOM French Airlines

1994: Registration F-GRMR planned but not taken up

10.11.1994: To GATX and leased to AOM French Airlines, F-GTDF

16.12.1995: Sub-leased to Caledonian Airways

21.12.1995: Returned to AOM French Airlines

31.07.2001: Returned to GATX

2001: WFU and stored in Paris/Orly

2002: Leased to Aerolyon

2002: WFU and stored in Paris/Orly

2002: Ferried to Nimes

2003: Ferried to Miami

2003: Broken up in Miami




3 CF6-50C2

Photo by Frank Schaefer

#193 in UTA colours in Paris/Charles de Gaulle.

Photo from Taxiways collection

Almost every large european carrier operated DC-10s - if they wanted or not! #193 was acquired via the UTA merger in 1992.

Photo by Pierre Lacombe

From time to time, some AOM DC-10 were operated for Cubana. On such a flight, #193 is seen here in an all-white scheme at Montreal/Dorval in early 2002.

Photo by Alain Lejeune

#193 with its tail cut off in Miami.

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