29.01.1975: Assembled in Long Beach and registred N54644 for Douglas

10.03.1975: To Lufthansa, D-ADJO

29.02.1980: Named (Essen)

01.05.1994: Leased to Kenya Airways

09.05.1994: Returned to Lufthansa

14.07.1994: Leased to SABENA

20.12.1994: Returned to Lufthansa

22.03.1995: To Condor

13.11.1997: To FSBU - First Security Bank of Utah

14.11.1997: To Continental Airlines, N17087

23.06.1999: To ILFC and leased back to Continental Airlines

09.2000: Last service for Continental Airlines

07.12.2000: Returned to ILFC, WFU and stored in Los Angeles

19.12.2000: Ferried to Fayetteville

17.03.2001: Ferried via Newark to Napoli to freighter conversion

31.10.2001: Re-registred N304WL

16.11.2001: Leased to World Airways and delivered as DC-10-30F(AF)

03.01.2002: Returned to ILFC

2002: Leased to World Airways


later -30F(AF)



3 CF6-50C2

Photo by Frank Schaefer

Short before Flying to New York/JFK, #192 taxies in Dusseldorf.

Photo by Joachim Graeber

#192 at its home-base in Frankfurt. The photo was taken in September of 1990

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Photo by Martin Steiner

When the photo was taken in 1997 in Brussels, #192 was still wearing its German registration

Photo from Taxiways collection

When the german holiday market was booming in the mid-1990s, #192 was transferred to Condor. (HAM)

Photo by Joe Pries

#192 taking off from Newark Airport in February 2001. Soon, the aircraft will be flying as a freighter for World Airways

Photo by Michael Carter

Short before leaving the fleet, #192 was flying around without titles and parts of the colour scheme. (LAX 12/2000)

Photo by Ken Fielding

#192 in Amsterdam on March 24th 2004

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