06.10.1976: Assembled in Long Beach (Planned registration: SE-DEB)

02.12.1976: To SAS (Sverker Viking), SE-DFE

11.05.1990: Leased to Air Outre Mer (Diamant), F-ODLX

04.08.1991: Sub-leased to West African Airlines

06.08.1991: Returned to AOM

15.11.1991: To Concorde Leasing Corporation and leased to Air Outre Mer

01.03.1992: Merged into AOM French Airlines

????: To AOM Finance SA and leased to AOM French Airlines

????: To XS Aviation

09.12.1999: Leased to Aerolyon, F-GLYS

05.2002: WFU and stored in Nimes

20.12.2002: Ferried to Roswell, WFU and stored




3 CF6-50C2

Photo from Frank Schaefer

Short before SAS phased out the DC-10s, #233 shows up at Chicago/O'Hare in July of 1988.

Photo from Ken Fielding

Floating past Ken's office window on a very dull December morning is #233 at Manchester on December 23rd 1998.

Photo from Taxiways collection

#233 in Aerolyon colours

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