31.08.1976: Assembled in Long Beach and planned for KLM as PH-DTM

22.10.1976: To Philippine Airlines, RP-C2003 (planned registration: RP-C2000)

23.06.1981: Leased to Nigeria Airways

25.01.1982: Returned to Philippine Airways

18.10.1988: To Polaris and leased back to Philippine Airlinies

01.05.1994: Returned to Polaris Aircraft Leasing Corporation

22.06.1994: Transferred to Dormacken Ltd, EI-DLA

06.07.1994: Leased to Leisure Air

16.11.1994: Returned to Dormacken Ltd

????: Leased to Laker Airways

????: Transferred to Polaris Aircraft Leasing Inc.

30.07.1996: To Continental Airlines (076)

01.02.2000: WFU and stored in Mojave

14.08.2003: Ferried to Greenwood, to be scrapped

2004: Broken up in Greenwood, MS




3 CF6-50C2R

Photo from D. Herforth collection

Philippine Airlines was the originial operator of this aircraft (HongKong/ Kai Tak, October 1990).

Photo by Chris Coduto

#232 in Los Angeles, in Continental colors on March 20th 2000.

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Photo by Rob

#232 stored in Mojave, seen on August 27th 2001

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